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Alumni Testimonials

Great course! I'm a "starter" and I enjoy building tech products. This course changed my perspective and I'm now looking forward to apply the knowledge in the course to acquire micro SaaS out there.

Mike Rubini

10/10 useful material. Great information for anyone who wants to be their own boss!

Sam Cohen

The content of this course was extremely valuable and actionable. I especially liked the content order, how it walks you through the whole process. 10/10.

Scott Finney

This course was probably worth 5-10x the price... the scorecards and pipeline management resources will save you HOURS and help you avoid financial mistakes... basically a fast-track for getting to a place where I feel confident about evaluating prospects and making solid offers.

James Sowers

Love the course. Ryan put in a ton of effort to organize all his experience in a structured way to easily follow. He also generously shared his paid templates and other artifacts. For a small price I could leverage Ryan's wealthy knowledge. What a stupid ROI :-)

Sateesh Kumar

Overall really solid content and great course! It will help my decision making going forward as I will eventually have a micro PE fund of my own. Deal structuring and financial leverage were highlights of the course to me.

Kimia Hamidi

About your instructor

I'm Ryan. I've been sharing everything I know since 2012 when I published a book and started my first blog. Since then I've written 100s of essays on growth, product, and leadership, and founded or worked at dozens of tech companies.

As founder of and partner at Fork Equity, I'm no stranger to buying and growing small companies. In fact, it's become my entire career strategy.